MacMillan, Baker leave Green Party and Join Socialists

The following press release was issued earlier today by Tom MacMillan and Seth Baker. MacMillan was the 2015 Maine Green Independent Party candidate for Mayor of Portland, and is now a graduate student at the University of Maine and the Eastern Maine organizer for the Socialist Party USA. Baker was the 2016 Maine Green Independent Party candidate for State Senate District 27, and is now the chair of the Socialist Party of Southern Maine. We encourage anyone considering following their example to review the principles of the Socialist Party USA.

Contact: Tom MacMillan (207-272-5833) or Seth Baker (207-313-4073)

MacMillan, Baker leave Green Party and Join Socialists Over Lack of Accountability

On Tuesday, January 17, prominent former Green Party candidates Tom MacMillan and Seth Baker announced their resignation as a members of the Maine Green Independent Party and their intent to change their voter registration political party to Socialist Party USA. MacMillan ran for mayor of Portland in 2015 as well as serving as three-time chair of the Portland Green Independent Committee and Baker was the sole candidate for the Maine Legislature of the Greens in 2016 when he ran for District 27 of the State Senate.

“The Maine Greens political support for local Democrats over the past several years has drastically reduced our confidence in that party. However, what has moved us to leave the Green Party is their lack of accountability for MGIP Secretary Ben Meiklejohn’s support for the inauguration of Donald Trump as President. Secretary Meiklejohn has proven to be a reactionary and unprincipled leader in the MGIP and their leadership is unwilling to address the situation. Therefore, in order to stay true to our beliefs in justice and equality as well to be in solidarity with the millions of people rightfully worried about the incoming Trump administration, we are leaving the Green Party and plan to build the Socialist Party in Maine as a counterweight to the corrupt economic and political system. Working people need their own political party and from now on, our time, energy and activism will be committed to the Socialist Party as the best way to move forward for Maine workers.”

Socialist Party USA is a democratic socialist party which has roots dating back to 1901.

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One thought on “MacMillan, Baker leave Green Party and Join Socialists

  1. When I clicked on the link, “principles of the Socialist Party USA”, I got a 404 or no document found. This is a document that I would really like to read, so if you could fix the broken link, that would be much appreciated.


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